U19 tribute to Coach Al

The U19 team for the 2018 regular season, many of whom were coached by our late President, Al Sauve, are all wearing jerseys with his initials on the back left shoulder.  This is in his memory and represents a “pat on the back” from Coach Al for the effort his players put into the game.

Special pitching clinic – registration closing soon

Special pitching clinic – registration closing soon

When/where: Sunday, 29 April 2018 at varying times based on age (see registration form)
Cost: $15 per participant

Although pitching is a developed skill and one that takes time, if your daughter is interested in pitching in future this would be a starting point. This Sunday’s session will teach the basic mechanics for newcomers so that players can continue to practice throughout the season and consider a winter clinic for further development. The clinic will be led by SMSA’s resident pitching coach, Ruth Hiebert.

Click here to download the registration from. Note that there is a registration deadline.

18 April 2018 update

Hi everyone,

A few updates:

  1. There have been quite a few emails being circulated to all softball families as of late, and several teams have been receiving emails from their respective coaches as well.  If you’ve not received any of these, please be in touch with us.
  2. We will be hosting an outdoor pitching skills clinic on 29 April.  Details will be sent out via email shortly.
  3. Teams have been formed at the U10, U12, U14 and U19 levels.  We also have an LTP programme that will be divided up into three squads.
  4. The Friday night general skills clinics have concluded for the year now that teams have been formed.  Thanks to everyone who came out this year.  Great to see such interest in the sport.
  5. The season is scheduled to start on 30 April.  Once finalised, schedules for each team will be posted here (under “Teams” but your Head Coach and/or Team Manager should be your first point of contact re: any scheduling questions).
  6. We always encourage younger players to come out and watch a game played by our older teams.  It’s great fun to watch the level of play they themselves will eventually be experiencing.  Check the individual Team pages here on the website to see when everyone is playing.  Well worth it on a nice early summer evening.

Relay for Life in support of Coach Al

Coach Al’s family will be taking part in the Relay for Life on 25 May this year in his memory.  If you would like to support them, please click here or on the image below.  Note that you can donate to the team or via a specific team member listed on the right side.  As well, the family welcomes folks to come walk with them as well!


The crash overnight in Saskatchewan has touched everyone in SMSA. We struggle to find words and comprehend how this can happen to a group pursing their passion in sport. It hits close to home as one of our coaches has strong connections to the team and the region. We are thinking of him and, of course, all of the families affected by this tragedy.

Strength and will to all.

U19 first “practice”


In the spirit of bringing the U19 team together, we will be running a first U19 “practice” on 6 April at 8:15pm at the Springfield Middle School gymnasium.

This will be an opportunity to meet your fellow teammates and discuss coaching opportunities.  It will also be an opportunity for you to register for the season if you have not already.

Click here to download the registration package.

U14 player evaluations

U14 evaluations will be held this year in order to assist with team placement.  As a result, all players registered for U14 will need to be evaluated to determine the best place and to ensure equity, preserve player development opportunities at multiple age levels and maximise play time across teams.

Here are the details of the evaluations:

DATE: Saturday, 7 April 2018
TIME: 2pm – 4pm
LOCATION: Oakbank Arena

There will be a registration table set up in the lobby.  Please have your player bring her usual equipment (but at least a bat, glove and helmet) and be ready for warm-ups at 2pm.  For safety reasons, we ask that parents please keep off what is normally the “ice” surface.

18 March 2018 – revisions (part II) to pitching clinics

We heard from a few folks regarding the planned switch of our pitching clinics from Fridays to Mondays.  For them, the logistics were potentially problematic, which of course was of concern to us.

We believe strongly in player development and, because we do not want to compromise development time of pitchers, we have decided to retain the pitching/catching clinics on the originally scheduled Friday evenings (see the calendar on our Clinics page for specific dates) at the Springfield Middle School.  We are classifying these as “instructional” as our dedicated pitching coach, Coach Ruth, will still be in attendance as usual and offering personalised instruction.

But that’s not all.  We will also be running a small number of pitching/catching “practice” sessions on certain Mondays from 530pm to 630pm until the end of April at Ecole Dugald.  The purpose of these practice sessions are to allow time to hone skills and get in some repetitions.  If your player is already registered for the instructional Friday sessions, there is no charge for these additional practice sessions.  Some of the dates for these practice sessions are still being finalised, so our please check the new built-in calendar on our clinics page regularly for updates.

To recap, if your player has previously attended pitching clinics on Friday evenings at 7:00pm at Springfield Middle School, she should still attend these on the original dates they were scheduled to run.  If your player wants additional time practicing her pitching and/or catching techniques, she is free to attend the “practice” clinics on certain Mondays at 5:30pm at Ecole Dugald.

If your player is new to softball and/or is interested in pitching or catching, please do come to the next Friday night pitching/catching clinic.

As always, our website is the primary place where you can get the most up-to-date information.  And of course feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.