Field Locations

Team coaches will provide players with a detailed schedule of where games and practices will be held.  For Springfield teams playing away games, the best way to location those diamonds is to contact the opposing team’s coach.  SMSA will provide you with a list of contacts before the season begins.


If you’re a team coming from outside of Springfield to play one of our local teams, a warm welcome!  Note that we have several food options in Oakbank, including, among others, a local Tim Hortons, a Subway, Cedar and Main (for excellent takeaway burgers), The Peppercorn (for a sit-down meal), Back at the Ranch (pizza and others, sit-down as well), and Kellys Bar and Grill (sit down dining area suitable for children).  We also have the Town Bake Shop for fresh baked bread, pastries and ice-cream after the game (where you’ll probably see many of our players!).

Below are the diamonds in use by local and visiting teams.

“OBCC” / “OBCC 2” / “Oakbank CC” (known as “Diamond 2” in Springfield) is accessed off Oakwood Road N in the town of Oakbank.  Along Oakwood Road (which is off Highway 206/Main Street), you will see three diamond along the road itself.  Oakbank CC is the middle of these diamonds):

Springfield Collegiate is accessed off Maple Drive in Oakbank, and is located almost between the Springfield Middle School and Springfield Collegiate.  We have recently undertaken some maintenance on this particular diamond.

Springfield Middle School is very close to the Springfield Collegiate diamond above (the schools are located next to each other). The Springfield Middle School diamond is accessed off Maple Drive in Oakbank.  There is a large parking lot, and this brand new diamond is located just north of the school itself. Google maps’ satellite view does not (yet) show it, but it is most definitely there.

Last update: 27 April 2019 @ 13:12CDT