Springfield Minor Softball Association (SMSA) 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes Wednesday, Dec 1st, 7pm via Teams

Attendance: M.Piec, C.Skrabek, S.Toews, K.Wickens-Ziehlke, L.Telford, C.Charles, Cam Christie, A.Brown Meeting Chair: M.Piec Meeting Minutes: C.Charles 1. Call to Order (M.Piec) 7:02pm

2. Identification of Voting delegates M.Piec – President C.Skrabek – Vice President/Scheduler S.Toews – Treasurer K.Wickens-Ziehlke – Registrar L.Telford – Equipment Manager C.Charles – Secretary

3. Identification of Non-voting attendees Cam Christie, A.Brown

4. Approval of Agenda Motion: C.Skrabek Second: M.Piec Approved Unanimously

5. Executive Reports: (Reports Attached) a. President’s Report b. Treasurer’s Report c. Registrar’s Report d. Equipment Report

6. Committee Updates: a. Website Development • Carrie and Hannah Skrabek will take on webmaster duties for 2022 b. Social Media • Charmaine Nickel will continue as Social Media Manager c. Fundraising • Previously vacant position, would benefit from a volunteer who has experience applying for grants and other community funding initiatives. • Cam Christie recommends Carolyn Christie for the position, to confirm her commitment. • Confirmed by Carrie Skrabek, Carolyn Christie will fill fundraising position • Lindsay Telford will assist with the Fundraising role d. Player Development • Currently, permits are not available to use school gyms for off-season training and player development. • This coming year SMSA will attempt to facilitate more pitching clinics with Macki Bergen • Also, SMSA will share information via website and social media about other player development clinics available

7. Elections President – Marty Piec Vice President/Fundraising – Lindsay Telford Treasurer – Stephanie Toews Secretary – Chantel Charles Registrar – Katherine Wickens-Ziehlke Equipment Manager – Carrie Skrabek Website Manager – Carrie & Hannah Skrabek Social Media Manager – Charmaine Nickel Fundraising – Carolyn Christie Player Development – Vacant

8. New Business a. Age groups are shifting b. U13 will be using the 12” balls starting in 2022 c. Clarification and details sought in the agreement with Oakbank Arena for the maintenance of diamonds, paid for by SMSA. ACTION: M.Piec and C.Skrabek to contact Neoma at Oakbank CC via email for confirmation of agreement details

9. Adjournment (M.Piec) 8:04pm

Last updated: 11 March 2022