18 March 2018 – revisions (part II) to pitching clinics

We heard from a few folks regarding the planned switch of our pitching clinics from Fridays to Mondays.  For them, the logistics were potentially problematic, which of course was of concern to us.

We believe strongly in player development and, because we do not want to compromise development time of pitchers, we have decided to retain the pitching/catching clinics on the originally scheduled Friday evenings (see the calendar on our Clinics page for specific dates) at the Springfield Middle School.  We are classifying these as “instructional” as our dedicated pitching coach, Coach Ruth, will still be in attendance as usual and offering personalised instruction.

But that’s not all.  We will also be running a small number of pitching/catching “practice” sessions on certain Mondays from 530pm to 630pm until the end of April at Ecole Dugald.  The purpose of these practice sessions are to allow time to hone skills and get in some repetitions.  If your player is already registered for the instructional Friday sessions, there is no charge for these additional practice sessions.  Some of the dates for these practice sessions are still being finalised, so our please check the new built-in calendar on our clinics page regularly for updates.

To recap, if your player has previously attended pitching clinics on Friday evenings at 7:00pm at Springfield Middle School, she should still attend these on the original dates they were scheduled to run.  If your player wants additional time practicing her pitching and/or catching techniques, she is free to attend the “practice” clinics on certain Mondays at 5:30pm at Ecole Dugald.

If your player is new to softball and/or is interested in pitching or catching, please do come to the next Friday night pitching/catching clinic.

As always, our website is the primary place where you can get the most up-to-date information.  And of course feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.