20 April 2019 update

By now you should know what team your player is on and who their coach is. Our association uses TeamSnap for league and team scheduling/messaging. You should have a log in and password from registration which you will need to access your team’s information. If you are having any issues with this – please let us know.

The season is set to start on 29 April 2019 (Monday), although as of today (20 April 2019) we do not yet have the team schedules. Once your coach is aware of the schedule she/he will post the games on TeamSnap. Note also that they will also be posting up practice information on TeamSnap as well. The time and place of your practices will depend on your coach, but for U10 and up please expect 2 games a week and 1 practice a week.

SMSA will be running pitching clinics during the week of April 22nd. This schedule is available on the “Clinics” teamsnap page. Some teams will also be running indoor and/or outdoor practices. Again, please check TeamSnap regularly.

If you have not heard from your coach, or have any questions – please see below for their contact information. If two coaches are listed for your daughter’s age group, feel free to email them both simultaneously the correct coach will be in touch with you.

LTP 1 – Charmaine Nickels – bambolick15@hotmail.com

LTP 2 – Justin and Lissa VanDorp – lissa.vandorp@gmail.com / jdorp@hotmail.com

LTP 3 – Jeff and Linsay Maliborski – l_maliborski@outlook.com

U10 Red – Courtney Anderson – courtney_anderson83@yahoo.ca

U10 Black – Cassie Verbong – cassie.verbong96@hotmail.com

U12 Red – Marty Piec – marty0922@gmail.com

U12 Black – Tracey MCCulloch – traceywoz@me.com

U14 – Josy Pepper / Tammy Ziolkoski – josypepper@hotmail.com / tammyziolkoski@gmail.com

U16 – Norm Nachtigall – nnacht@mymts.net

There is a huge amount of buzz in the community about softball this season, and SMSA is HUGELY excited about each of our teams. We have a large LTP programme, which is great to see, and many of the older girls’ teams’ coaches are already making plans for tournaments and Provincials. For parents in our LTP programme, please grab some sunflower seeds and bring your younger player to any of the home games that the older girls are playing. You can reach out to any of the coaches for their specific team schedule, or they will be posted under the “Teams” menu above. It is a great way to (1) show them how what they are learning is put to use as they get older, (2) learn new songs for cheering and (3) meet and get some tips from some of our older players. Of course, the extra fan base is always welcome!

We are looking forward to a great season of softball in our community!

Go Heat!!

SMSA Executive